Three live shows a week!

Yes, the title is indeed correct, we are now broadcasting three live shows every week online and worldwide.

The success of our radio station continues to grow, as does the listener base and now with 1500 listeners to our online station every month, the children are reaching far and wide with their broadcasting talent.  Education radio has had such an enormous impact on our learning so far this year that we are using as many opportunities as possible to incorporate script writing, reading and presenting into our curriculum.

From a relatively small beginning, our breakfast show team are now very well estalished and their show is listened to in large numbers every Monday at 8.30am. With the experience of James anchor hosting every show, each week is seamless, professional and very polished. we meet on a Friday after school at radio club to write scripts which are then used in our Monday show and we now have broadcasters ranging from Year 1 to Year 6. We have even had live callers into the show! Do give us a listen on a Monday and get your week off to a flying start!

In addition we now broadcast on a Thursday afternoon at 2.30pm with our brand new Word on the Street show. Working with a group of 10 talented and eager boys, the aim is to develop writing skills, presentation technique and reading. The project has been a huge success and each week is always better than the last. Although they have only been working together for four weeks, the boys have now done two live shows, all prepared and presented by themselves. It is so good to see this way of writing and working engaging our children in such a positive way.

Of course, our Friday show is as popular as ever, with our two broadcasting teams working tirelessly to bring fresh, new and exciting content each week, pushing themselves to produce the est possible education radio for their listeners. Plus we now have a portable broadcasting radio station which we will, very soon, be taking out into the community for live outside broadcasts and we are very excited by that!

With over 20 hours of shows already broadcast this year so far and plenty more to come, our online radio presence is now quite significant for a village primary school.  Next week we are also  being joined by Ben Prater and his breakfast show team, who are broadcasting live from the village, ending up on our playground.

You can, of course, listen to all of our shows on, visit our website or follow us on Twitter @wwipradio to keep up with the amazing achievements of our broadcasters each week.

Here is one of each of this week’s shows for your listening pleasure…

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