Live outside broadcasts from Exmoor!

This past week we have been on a residential trip to Exmoor where we stayed at Simonsbath House Outdoor Centre and the children had the opportunity to take part in all manner of amazing outdoor activities.

It also provided us, of course, with the chance to take our Hub Reporter portable radio studio to present live outside broadcasts every evening from the common room at the centre, as we had many of our broadcasting team with us. What transpired was four nights of top quality education radio, with up to the minute scripts of each day’s events, outstanding hosting and a huge amount of fun broadcasting live to a record number of listeners and parents, all tuning in to catch the latest adventures and memories we had been making.

I am extremely proud of our week’s broadcasting and you can listen to every one as I have created a playlist from the four shows, below.  You can also listen to the Westwood Talk podcast which covers all elements of the week, including the radio broadcasts and is a real window into the week of fun that we had.

Once again, Westwood Radio brings an innovative approach to education radio!

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